Activating Windows 7

Windows 7 activator is one of the most efficient tools for activating any package of our Windows 7. Our Windows 7 activator has been coded by experience and geeky programmers, where in earlier versions of Windows 7 activator having a revamped, and a new activator has been programmed this takes care of frequent updates of Microsoft. Our website is the only place one can find genuine windows 7 activator. It may be available on other places on the Internet, however there is no guarantee that they will work or not.

Windows-7-Loader-ExtremeThis latest version of Windows 7 activator has been tested by hundreds of users online and have successfully used it to activate Windows 7 operating system. So far we have not received even a single complaint from any user regarding the activation of Windows 7 operating system. Most of the places would require you to buy this Windows 7 crack or you may have the base a monthly subscription for getting access to this Windows 7 activator. But here on of the website we are providing this Windows 7 activator for free.

How to use our Windows 7 activator:

  • Disabled any antivirus program that is active on your PC or laptop, this may interfere with the patching of Windows 7 operating system.
  • Click on the following button to take you to the source wife and can download Windows 7 activator.


  • After downloading windows 7 activator click on the installation button and begin patching Windows 7.
  • After installation of Windows 7 activator is complete, reboot the operating system. Your Windows 7 operating system must be activated by now.

Some features of our Windows 7 hack:

  • It can be operated Windows 7 32 bit or Windows 7 64 bit machine.
  • It will activate any Windows 7 package easily and you don’t need to install the patch again and again.
  • The activation of Windows 7 is permanent, and you can later on install updates on your Windows 7 machine without worrying about that the operating system will revert back to our activated state.
  • Our Windows 7 patch uses very small amount of RAM for activating Windows 7.
  • All the essential parts of the code of Windows 7 loader are encrypted.
  • It runs prior to Windows 7 boot up and inserts a code, and fools the operating system to think that is a genuine copy of Windows 7.

Our Windows 7 activator is capable of activating following operating systems:

  • Windows 7 ultimate
  • Windows 7 Home Basic
  • Windows 7 starter
  • Windows 7 starter E
  • Windows Vista business N
  • Windows Vista business
  • Windows Vista home Basic
  • windows server 2008 enterprise
  • windows server 2008 foundation
  • windows small business server 2008
  • Windows storage server 2008 Standard
  • Windows home server 2011
  • Windows server 2012 standard
  • Windows server 2012 work group
  • Windows server 2012 the essentials
  • Windows multipoint server 2012 premium
  • Windows server 2008 Datacentre

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